Pristino Cleaning Solutions

Our organization was created in order to offer a solution to dissatisfied owners, restaurant managers and restaurant chefs with a need for a reliable cleaning service who have had to suffer many frustrations and go through several cleaning horror stories with their properties’ cleaning services. Pristino was born to satisfy that need, we are committed to providing all of our clients with clean, safe and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions for their restaurant or facility; we aim to prevent contaminants from harming our environment, your customers or your staff.

Pristino is a Florida based company specializing in commercial cleaning services for all types of businesses. We understand your janitorial/cleaning requirements, we have experience, excellent customer service and respect your confidentiality.

What We Service

  • Restaurants

  • Car Dealers

  • Hotel Kitchens

  • Clubs and Spas

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Retail establishments

  • Banks

  • Corporate offices

  • Public Schools

Our Team

At Pristino training is essential and that is why our staff has years of experience cleaning restaurants, they are professional, meticulous, insured and licensed. When we hire new staff, we spare no expense training our cleaning crews to meet our high standards. We ensure that they are comfortable with the work and we guarantee their performance is consistent with our routine inspections.

›Each crew is uniquely assigned an establishment and are incentivized based on the quality and consistency of their work. They genuinely care for the cleanliness of your establishment and take their job very seriously. They all have extended knowledge regarding which chemicals should and should not be used, how the products work and how they should be used. These are just some of the reasons that make us a leader in the industry of restaurant cleaning, especially with regard to customer satisfaction.

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